How To Best Use A Commercial Construction Contractor This Season

With winter coming on soon, and fall in full swing, some companies are wondering whether they should begin an interior construction project now or wait for spring. The truth is, hiring and working with a commercial construction contractor through the late fall and into winter is one of the best times, as schedules and resources free up, and permitting offices slow down. There are many benefits to starting your commercial [.....]

3 Reasons Green Lease Commercial Construction In Denver Will Increase

Everyone wants to go green these days, and commercial construction has been heading that direction for quite some time. Recently, the push for “green lease” space has increased – space which is sustainably developed, and operates with a lower impact on the environment.   [caption id="attachment_2681" align="alignright" width="300"] Architectural Design By: Juhasz Imre[/caption] In fact, a 2016 study shows [.....]

How Skill Shortages Make Commercial General Contractors More Important

Low unemployment, an aging workforce, more youth attending college and the aftermath of the Great Recession have created a huge demand for skilled tradespeople across Denver and Colorado. For commercial general contractors, this means ensuring your jobs are properly staffed and completed on time is a greater challenge than ever. At i2 Construction, we place a strong emphasis on building strong relationships within our [.....]

How A Commercial Construction Partner In Denver Can Affect Your PR

A single complaint could land your commercial construction project in the paper or on TV, and not in a good way. A high-quality partner who knows the area and hires locally can help ensure you’re not offending local sensibilities or flouting local standards or laws. For a true, local commercial construction partner, choose i2 Construction. Learn more about our team. Part Of The Community Your commercial construction [.....]

How Investment In Denver Makes Commercial Construction The Right Move Right Now

Denver is set to begin a number of major cultural, park and transportation projects over the next few years with a massive $937 billion bond package. With about $200 million being invested in 2018 in health, culture, transportation, parks and rec, public safety and more, the greater Denver area will increase in value for families, workers and employers. Starting a commercial construction project with the right Denver team can [.....]

How Might The New Steel Tariffs Affect Your Commercial Construction Project?

In order to combat what is seen as unfair trade or a trade imbalance, the United States will soon enforce a new tariff on imported steel and aluminum, with some exceptions. While these tariffs might seem like they have nothing to do with your business, they may if you’re considering a commercial construction project in the future. Let’s take a look at what these tariffs are, and how they might affect your plans in the [.....]

How Amazon’s HQ2 Might Affect Commercial Construction In Denver

Amazon is eyeing the metro Denver area, along with eight surrounding urban and suburban locations for their second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. And why not? With our city’s lifestyle and affordability along with tech talent from nearby universities, it would be a great fit. But what kind of affect would Amazon HQ2 have on the commercial construction climate in Denver? Let’s take a closer look at what might happen. And if [.....]

Should You Hire A Commercial General Contractor Who’s Worked For A Competing Brand?

At i2 Construction, we work with a wide variety of clients. And sometimes, those clients are concerned because we’ve worked in their industry before, possibly with a competitor. You may also be curious if it’s a good idea to hire a commercial general contractor who’s worked for a competing brand. It may look like an easy answer, but there are more factors at play than you might have thought. Take a look at the pros [.....]