3 Common Mistakes When Choosing Office Space

Choosing the next office – or office redesign – for your business has a tremendous effect on your employees, clients, and bottom line. That’s why it’s important to avoid mistakes when choosing office space.

Here are some common mistakes you can avoid thanks to the team at i2 Construction. Give us a call to discuss new office construction or a corporate remodel.

1. Plan For The FutureRetro-modern office design, another choice when choosing office spaces.

As a business owner, you’re always focused on how to grow the business. So be wary of choosing an office space or design which is catering to your current needs. You may be unfortunately limiting your future growth by designing or purchasing an office which is too small or doesn’t allow for future remodels as necessary.

2. Only Considering Desk Spaces

Depending on your industry, your employees may do some or all of their work away from their desk. Productive teams need solo and communal workspaces, where they can buckle down or have a jam session or team meeting to hash out the details.

Think about how your business operates and what your employees need to do every day – and how they can do it better than they do now. Collaboration, innovation, and inspiration don’t always strike at a cubicle desk.

3. Underestimating The Importance Of Design

Thoughtful design results in thoughtful work being done. Any old office won’t do. Studies have shown that well-designed spaces help increase productivity and creativity.

Either look for offices which are designed to engage with modern workers, or work with a firm like i2 Construction which is versed in designing new corporate office spaces.