3 Keys To Finishing A Commercial Construction Project On Schedule

As you begin to consider your next commercial construction project or remodel, much of the conversation probably circles around budget. And as we all know, one of the biggest predictors of budget is how long a project takes.

There are a number of key factors which determine both how long your commercial construction project will take, as well as whether it will be completed on schedule. Let’s take a look at a few, and if you have any questions be sure to give us a call.


1. Plan

Of course you’ll plan it all out right? Commercial construction projects are huge affairs with tons at stake. But the simple truth is, there’s always more time and expertise which can be put into a plan upfront. The more well thought out a plan is, the more likely the build will stay within scope, keeping you on schedule and within budget. Good design pays for itself.

With your general contractor, consult with all parties like designers, architects, engineers and subcontractors to account for everyone’s unique timetable. From deliveries to permits and inspections, plan it all out carefully so your commercial construction project goes smoothly.

2. Choose The Right General ContractorHogan Lovells Corporate Office

A reputable general contractor will offer you immediate peace of mind. They’ll offer you references and reviews, and on their website you’ll find photos of projects finished along with the names of clients and partners. From there, you can do further investigation by speaking with those clients and partners.

Finding the perfect general contractor will go a long way to helping you plan out your commercial construction project and keep it on track. A general contractor is familiar with all phases of construction and has what it takes to keep things rolling.

3. Communicate

Of course, no matter how perfect the plan, life happens. That’s why a general commercial construction contractor who is in constant communication with you is a treasure.

Good communication is invaluable across the entire project timeline. Nothing is foolproof, so effective communication is definitely key to keeping your project on schedule.

To find the perfect partner to keep your commercial construction project on schedule follow our tips above – or just get in touch with us to start partnering with us on your next commercial construction project.