3 Pressing Issues Around Tenant Improvement Construction

Tenant improvement construction can be tricky business without the right forethought and considerations. If you haven’t had to work through the renovation of a commercial space in quite some time, there are a number of pressing issues to be aware of. Contact us with any further questions; i2 Construction is an excellent partner for your next tenant improvement construction project.

1. Unforeseen Challenges For Tenant Improvement ConstructionGD2

Just as with any home renovation, tenant improvement construction can be thrown off track by unforeseen challenges. Mold, asbestos, structural failure, unidentified utilities and other issues can creep up, extend your construction schedule and increase the project budget exponentially.

A firm experienced in tenant improvement construction can quickly turn the project around, especially if there isn’t a lot of structural components to the project.

2. Environmentally Conscious Tenants

Over the years, the impact of buildings and energy usage on the environment has entered many tenants equations when considering commercial space. It’s important to choose a tenant improvement construction partner who can design and build with environmentally-friendly strategies in mind.

A firm like i2 Construction can leverage net zero design strategies – meaning energy is produced on-site to offset energy usage, and energy usage is reduced – such as passive solar technology, ultra energy-efficient construction materials and highly-efficient water usage.

3. Transformational Power Of Technology

The technology companies want in a commercial space has changed over the years, and change has come at a more and more rapid pace.

Many commercial tenants today are looking for a cool, high-tech office even if they aren’t in a tech-related industry. By utilizing specialized lighting fixtures and security systems which can be operated by computer software, adding digital displays to meeting rooms and common areas, capabilities for high-definition video conferencing and more, you can draw those tenants to your space.