3 Reasons Green Lease Commercial Construction In Denver Will Increase

Everyone wants to go green these days, and commercial construction has been heading that direction for quite some time. Recently, the push for “green lease” space has increased – space which is sustainably developed, and operates with a lower impact on the environment.


In fact, a 2016 study shows that office tenants are most likely to pay more for improved air quality and access to natural light, though other green initiatives are also prized, including efficient heating, cooling and lighting as well as walkability.


Below, we’ll discuss the local changes happening around the Denver area which will increase the demand for and amount of green lease commercial construction.

1. Lifestyle Changes

 As Baby Boomers exit the workforce, younger generations make up a greater percentage of office workers. Many young people who grow up in Denver or move here to work do so because it’s an active city. With a vibrant downtown and amazing outdoor and indoor athletic opportunities, lifestyle is very important to young professionals.


These lifestyle changes – now more than ever – are being pushed for at the workplace as well. As we mentioned earlier, nationwide tenants are most willing to pay for increases in natural light, improved air quality, energy efficiency and the ability to walk from work to dining, entertainment or transportation.


These pushes will continue to drive building owners to remodel existing spaces or create new spaces which fulfill the needs of those looking for a green lease.


2. Certification Chasing


LEED Certification is as popular as ever. In fact, the 2016 study mentioned earlier noted that LEED-certified buildings are able to collect 7.1% more in rent than non-certified buildings nationwide.

The noted value of LEED certification to the profitability of a property for rent, as well as for sale, will continue to impress and move commercial construction in the Denver area toward designations like LEED or Energy Star.


3. Local Governmental Green Push

The City of Denver – specifically the Department of Public Health and Environment – are working to raise awareness of energy efficiency in corporate buildings. The department is recognizing businesses who participate in the program, and provides ideas for how to save on energy costs before signing their next lease.


Also, Denver residents passed a green roof initiative last year, which requires developers and building owners to plant grass or other vegetation on sections of their rooftops. While this initiative may change in the future, there is definitely a push for greener buildings in commercial construction and tenant improvement construction.


i2 Construction’s Position On Green Commercial Construction


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