Adapting Through COVID

Partner/VP of Business Development, Clint Schmitz, presented at a virtual panel for the Colorado Chapter Business Development Guild during their National Symposium in February to discuss how companies are adapting through COVID. During the discussion, each of the speakers discussed their company’s personal journey through COVID and shared valuable lessons learned.

Office Desk Stock

By focusing on new markets and staying in touch in a virtual environment, Clint shared the importance of adaptability and attention to employee well-being during the pandemic. Here are a few main takeaways from the discussion:

Breaking into New Markets

Transitioning to remote work ended up being a blessing in disguise for i2 Construction, being able to expand into other markets. In the past year, remote work has become a growth strategy for i2 by pushing the boundaries as a generalized contractor beyond office space development. i2 now works on brand forward corporate interiors and technical medical/laboratory facilities to new building construction and exterior additions/improvements.

Staying in Touch in a Virtual Environment and Keeping our Culture Alive

i2’s transition to a virtual environment led to more efficient collaboration and teamwork. The team joined forces to utilize this virtual environment to advance the way we operate and get to know our colleagues. Getting to know teammates on a more personable level was achievable through each virtual meeting and led to heightened accountability and teamwork. The i2 culture remained intact through hard work, determination, and fun activates. Employees were able to golf as a team, take part in virtual escape rooms, and easily communicate in-between meetings.