How Amazon’s HQ2 Might Affect Commercial Construction In Denver

Amazon is eyeing the metro Denver area, along with eight surrounding urban and suburban locations for their second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. And why not? With our city’s lifestyle and affordability along with tech talent from nearby universities, it would be a great fit. But what kind of affect would Amazon HQ2 have on the commercial construction climate in Denver?

Let’s take a closer look at what might happen. And if you’re in the planning stages of your own commercial construction project, get in touch with the experts at i2 Construction!

Booming Housing Market

With a potential 50,000 added workers for HQ2, housing needs will grow in the Mile High City. There’s already housing pressure on the Denver market. In 2018, there are just over 20,000 housing units authorized at the moment – that number would definitely need to grow if Amazon comes to town.

A boom in the housing market wouldn’t just mean a higher demand for Amazon workforce – it also means a higher demand for experienced construction personnel. With some home builders and subcontractors also working on commercial construction projects, the number of available crews for smaller commercial construction sites may dwindle, while others pick up the slack.


With mass transit like light-rail and bus-rapid-transit lines connecting Boulder, Aurora, Jefferson County, downtown Denver and many other areas, Denver has a decent transportation infrastructure. But with new housing demands and a new large HQ, more transportation infrastructure will be needed which, again, can tie-up the available labor pool for commercial construction projects.

Busy Contractors & Subcontractors

With Amazon HQ2 being so large, there will likely be a run on contractors and subcontractors to handle much of the local labor for the large architecture and construction firm Amazon hires. This may mean another run on talent for any future commercial construction projects, but will serve as an excellent training ground for the latest and greatest design features.