Ayden Farrell

As the son of i2’s president, Scott Farrell, 18-year-old Ayden Farrell essentially grew up at the company. He’s known many of the employees his entire life and spent a good part of his childhood hanging out in the office and on job sites.

Ayden is one of i2 Construction’s summer interns. His first summer experience in 2018, where he helped out on projects all across the Front Range, was so fun and fulfilling that he jumped at the chance to boomerang back for a second go before he heads off to college in the fall. From cleaning up to building doorframes, Ayden appreciates that there is never a dull day at i2!

“I came back because I didn’t want a job at a golf course or a pool where I was sitting around doing nothing like a lot of my friends do. I feel like I’m part of the team here, part of making the job and the job site better for everybody. I’m engaged, I get to do a ton of different things, and I feel like I am part of something.”


“I am at i2 because the people I work with are fun and make working here enjoyable.”