Allan Fries – CEO & Founder

Allan was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Shortly after, he moved to Calgary, Alberta in Canada, where he spent much of his youth. Getting his start as a laborer in the oil fields of Northern Alberta, he worked as a welder’s helper, ran loaders and cranes, surveyed land, and performed carpentry.

When it came time to go to college, he was drawn to Colorado State University due to its proximity to great skiing. He studied industrial construction management and went on to start i2 in 1999.

Allan believes that his advancement throughout the course of his career is a direct reflection of the mentoring he received from his mother, supervisors, and business partners. Working alongside some of the most amazing people has helped shape his character and resolve to pursue success in his business endeavors.

As i2’s founder, Allan ensures the firm maintains the company culture everyone has worked so hard to develop over the last 20 years. He advises and counsels new employees and the management group on implementing, “The i2 Way.” By adhering to the core beliefs and values of the company, he believes i2 will continue to prosper long after his involvement is complete. He regularly assists with business development and investigates new markets for i2 to enter.

Outside of the office, you will find him enjoying the great outdoors: skiing, fishing, hiking, golfing, or watching a beautiful Colorado sunset over the mountains.

He is involved in many area civic organizations in a variety of roles, including: