Birgit Daniels

There aren’t many women in the construction industry. Not many women GCs, PMs, or superintendents either. And, certainly not many in the industry that have long, lacquered nails, lush eyelashes, and that are the reigning Mrs. US United International!

But, Birgit Daniels is all of those things, and an i2 team member who once thought that the pot of gold of career satisfaction could be found elsewhere. Fortunately for all, she returned after realizing that this company was home and the team was her family.

This beauty pageant winner and motivational speaker is passionate about construction and a master of organization, logistics, and project management.

These were all skills she was luckily born with and skills that initially she thought she’d apply to a career as a heart surgeon. But just a few weeks after graduating college, Birgit got a job as an assistant PM at a construction company in Denver and she fell in love with the industry. Guided by the company’s owner, she learned every aspect of the business, from laying concrete to framing to working with owners’ reps and architects. What drew her to the business, she says upon reflection, was the opportunity to be a part of something from start to finish, literally from the ground up. To see a structure built – and ultimately house companies that provide jobs and impact the community – was…and still is…a thrill.

Through the years, as she rose in the ranks from assistant project manager to project manager, from assistant superintendent to superintendent, Birgit learned some very important lessons about leadership and the importance of collaboration. The most important of which being that there is a difference between being a boss and being a leader. Being a leader for Birgit is about teamwork, support, and listening. These were qualities, unfortunately, that weren’t necessarily seen at some of the other companies she worked for over her 30 years in the business. But, at i2, she found a company that appreciated not only what she brought to the table, but also one where the team felt real joy in working together on projects that were not only challenging and innovative but also fulfilling.

She initially came to i2 in 2018. She immediately clicked with the team and the team with her; they shared a similar style and philosophy, one that centered on responsibility, ownership, diving into projects with enthusiasm and vigor, and thinking outside the box. However, in early 2019 she was tempted by another company’s promises and left i2. But, thankfully for all concerned, her tenure was short-lived. Eight weeks later, frustrated by a work environment that she found toxic, she found her way home to i2.

“Unlike a lot of places – and I’ve been a part of many – at i2 it’s about collaboration,” she says. “We listen to each other and we listen to our customers. If I don’t listen to my team, I may miss a great idea someone has. That’s across the board at i2.”

“Even being away for such a short time showed me what a special place i2 is,” Birgit adds. “I got very emotional on my first day back. We’re a family; we’re sisters and brothers.”

“I’m at i2 because of the people I work with, the passion I have for construction, and the love I have for working with clients and making dreams happen.”