Charlie Peterson

Charlie Peterson had his career track set and his first summer as an i2 intern helped him get there. Boomeranging back for a second round this summer is simply cementing it!

Charlie, who is Scott Farrell’s nephew, first interned at i2 in the summer of 2018. He and his cousin, Ayden Farrell (Scott’s son), had a blast together and learned a lot while on the Johns Manville project in 2018. From assisting the superintendent to building doorframes to pouring concrete to helping keep the site clean so the team could work efficiently, Charlie did it all.

After finishing his first year studying civil engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, Charlie had a few other opportunities for summer work, but he chose to return to i2 for the learning experience it provided. And, of course, working alongside his cousin and his uncle makes it all the better!

This time around, Charlie is expanding his know-how and looking forward to applying what he learns at i2 to his academic career. As a future civil engineer, he is benefiting from being exposed to all aspects of a construction project.

“I could have gone a few other places for my summer job. But, what brought me back to i2 were the relationships and the fact that what I’m learning here can be applied to my degree and to my career in the future. I have learned so much from everyone. And, from my uncle, I have learned that running a business is about supporting the team to always improve, move up, and learn.”

“I am at i2 because it’s a great opportunity for me to learn and build upon my future. I am a more well-rounded person now.”