Clint Schmitz

Clint Schmitz

Clint Schmitz grew up on a farm in Iowa so idyllic that you might confuse it for a Hollywood movie set. But it was quite real and made quite an impression on him. So did his grandfather, a third-generation farmer.

Clint loved watching his grandfather work, and while he didn’t know it at the time, he learned a lot from him, most especially his love of people and for sales. His grandpa was the top salesman in the country for Vigortone AG Feeds and his grandson couldn’t help but want to be just like him. You can catch a glimpse of this 55-year-old trophy on Clint’s desk!

Initially, Clint thought he would have a career in structural engineering. But, a chance introduction to Allan – i2’s founder and CEO – and Scott persuaded him to come work for i2 Construction. He took the job and began to network and hone his innate talent for sales and business development. But the timing was a bit off; Clint still held to the notion that he should pursue a career in engineering, so after two years at i2, he went to work for a client.

While the leadership team at i2 readily encouraged Clint to follow his heart, Allan and Scott had a long-term plan for him and knew he’d be back. Sure enough, 12 months later, Clint came back to the company and to the team he calls his forever family.

The reasoning for his return is quite simple: For Clint, there was no culture at the other place; it was just an eight to five job, there were no relationships, and no one felt vested to the company or to each other.

“Leaving i2 was the best and worst decision I ever made. It was the worst because i2 is my family and I didn’t realize it until I left. But, it was the best decision because in leaving, I realized that this is where I’m supposed to be,” he says.

Since Clint’s return in 2013, and under his helm as vice president of business development, i2 has tripled in size and revenue. What drives him is what he learned back on the Iowa farm: relationships. “I genuinely care about our clients. It’s not about the project; it’s about the people, their families, where they went on vacation.” And, the best part? This is the same genuine and authentic philosophy shared by everyone at i2.

“Other companies might be good builders, but they are not good businessmen. That didn’t make me feel confident. But at i2, I had no doubt I would crush it. I have a roadmap for the future here and the best part is that it’s not about grinding out just for the paycheck.”

“I am at i2 because we define our success on our relationships, not on our products.”