How To Find A Contractor For Commercial Construction In Denver, CO

When seeking a partner for commercial construction in Denver, CO, you want the best. But how do you find them? You may have recommendations from colleagues and others in your industry, but it’s important to scrutinize the commercial construction contractor’s experience, credentials and culture to find the perfect fit.

Let’s take a look at how to spot a great partner for commercial construction in Denver, CO.

Commercial Construction In Denver, CO


Hogan Lovells Corporate Office

Hogan Lovells Corporate Office

Many of the best contractors for commercial construction in Denver, CO can be determined based on their previous work. Browsing their portfolio, you’ll likely find photo galleries, project partners’ names, clients’ names, reviews and more.

You can judge the quality of their work by the company they keep and the work they showcase. You can also use this as a jumping off point to contact their clients and partners for more information.


With a continuously evolving construction industry, new technology constantly being introduced and an ever shifting economic situation in America, maintaining a consistent culture and leadership style can be a challenge for some firms. Those who do have a strong culture are much more likely to be a pleasure to deal with, and ensure the project goes smoothly.

At i2 Construction, we strive to create a culture where our team members learn something new every day, and we encourage team members to pursue certifications or attend workshops which will benefit their experience or credentials on the job site.


SquareTwo Financial

SquareTwo Financial

Looking at the leadership team of the firm you’re considering for commercial construction in Denver, CO.

As an example, many of the i2 Construction leadership team prepared for our commercial construction careers with formal education, whether that was a degree in construction management, engineering, architecture or another related field. Many of our project managers and staff also have construction degrees, MBAs and other formal education they utilize in their daily work.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation is another credential you can use to see if a commercial construction company is qualified. Multiple members of our leadership team are LEED certified.

To find the perfect partner for commercial construction in Denver, CO can take some time. But put in the research, and when you’ve made your choice, get in touch today to start partnering with us on your next commercial construction project.