Should You Hire A Commercial General Contractor Who’s Worked For A Competing Brand?

At i2 Construction, we work with a wide variety of clients. And sometimes, those clients are concerned because we’ve worked in their industry before, possibly with a competitor. You may also be curious if it’s a good idea to hire a commercial general contractor who’s worked for a competing brand. It may look like an easy answer, but there are more factors at play than you might have thought.

Take a look at the pros and cons of hiring a commercial general contractor who’s worked with a competitor below, and contact i2 Construction to learn more about our process and experience!



A contractor who has done work for one of your competitors in the past will come into your project with invaluable experience. You know they’ve gained valuable lessons from their past projects, and will apply these lessons to your construction site.

Individual restaurants, for example, may look very different in terms of style, but they all have to include a few core components: a waiting area, dining section, kitchen, and easy access to the outside for garbage disposal. All areas have to flow well together, which requires a building plan that takes all needs into consideration. Contractors who have built restaurants before can accomplish that much more easily than those who are tackling a restaurant construction project for the first time.


Allowing yourself to choose a commercial general contractor who has completed competitive work in the past means you can pick from a larger pool. This lets you find the best contractor, regardless of previous affiliation.

Limiting your choices by only engaging with professionals who have never worked with a competitor increases the risk of not finding a partner that’s best for your needs.



Many clients worry a contractor who has completed work for someone else in the industry will build a structure which doesn’t differentiate your business enough. If your customers can’t tell your building apart from that of your competitors, they will be less likely to form distinct memories about your business.

Final Thoughts

Don’t exclude contractors from your shortlist simply because they have worked for a competing brand in the past. Embrace the positives that come with these commercial general contractors, such as specialized expertise. To learn more about the choosing a commercial general contractor that’s right for you, contact i2 Construction today.