How A Commercial Construction Partner In Denver Can Affect Your PR

A single complaint could land your commercial construction project in the paper or on TV, and not in a good way. A high-quality partner who knows the area and hires locally can help ensure you’re not offending local sensibilities or flouting local standards or laws.

For a true, local commercial construction partner, choose i2 Construction. Learn more about our team.

Part Of The Community

Your commercial construction partner should be part of the community. A local construction company knows the right subcontractors to hire, and treats the building and grounds with respect – their business relies on their local reputation.

At i2 Construction, we have been part of the fabric of Denver and the Front Range for two decades. Our leadership team members are on the board or involved in various community groups like:

  • Food Bank of the Rockies
  • Central City Opera House
  • Over The Edge (for Cancer League Colorado)
  • Denver Advisory Board
  • Bonfils Blood Center Foundation
  • Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado
  • And more.

Commercial Construction And Effects On The Community

When a new building goes up or a space is renovated, the effect on the community is palpable. New life is breathed into the surrounding streets, with new people commuting, walking to lunch or taking a stroll.

The “Broken Windows Theory” states that visible signs of disorder in an urban environment encourage further disorder. Restoring buildings and bringing new life to the community makes it better for everyone. We’re proud to be a local commercial construction partner who makes the best of our city and area.