How Investment In Denver Makes Commercial Construction The Right Move Right Now

Denver is set to begin a number of major cultural, park and transportation projects over the next few years with a massive $937 billion bond package. With about $200 million being invested in 2018 in health, culture, transportation, parks and rec, public safety and more, the greater Denver area will increase in value for families, workers and employers. Starting a commercial construction project with the right Denver team can pay huge dividends in the future, a more people want to work and live here.

Let’s take a look at what projects are coming to Denver this year, and how they will attract new, high value workers and can help expand your labor pool. For a more detailed conversation about a new commercial construction project you’re considering to take advantage of these investments, get in touch with the i2 Construction team today.

Announced 2018 Investments In Denver


Denver plans to spend $65 million in several cultural areas this year:

  • $25 million for the Denver Art Museum’s North Building renovation
  • $12 million for the Denver Botanic Gardens’ new Freyer-Newman Center for science, art and education
  • $11 million for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • $10 million for the Denver Zoo’s new animal hospital
  • $6 million for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Bonfils Theatre Complex


The largest single amount in 2018 will be $45 million for the Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s new Outpatient Medical Center.


A few key projects will be started in 2018 with ~$41 million:

  • $15 million to increase citywide street paving
  • ~$7 million for sidewalks, curbs and gutters
  • $4 million for bike lanes
  • $2 million for a pedestrian/bike bridge North of the Art District
  • The remainder for design work on future projects

Parks & Recreation

About $30.5 million will be used to improve recreation centers, public pools and several parks across the city, including $5 million for a river promenade in the Art District.

Public Safety/City

$6.1 million is earmarked for upgrades to police and fire stations, along with increasing accessibility in city buildings.

Why Build A Commercial Construction Project Now

As these new amenities are added to the city over the next few years, more and more people will want to move to Denver. With upgrades to major facilities and cultural landmarks, the draw will not only be from across Colorado, but will increase your company’s ability to recruit from across the nation.


Denver continues to become a world-class city, and investing your company now in a commercial construction project with i2 Construction is wise. The future of Denver as a smart, livable city is bright, and great workers will compete to come here.