i2 Construction Paves the Way for Diversity in Construction

i2 Construction Employee

With nearly 40% of i2 Construction being female or minorities, we are paving the way towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce in construction. As a tenant improvement general contractor, we believe that the choices we make internally flow out to our clients and have the potential to impact the industry as a whole.

“Having a company that is nearly 40% female/minority speaks to the efforts of our recruiting team,” said Scott Farrell i2 President. “In our industry, a diverse workforce hasn’t always been accepted. Part of what we’re doing at i2 is sharing our genuine inclusivity with all people – making sure those looking into the industry aren’t intimidated or discouraged by the statistics.”

In comparison with the national average, women make up only 9.9% of the entire U.S. construction population, according to a study performed by NAWIC. i2 is working to change the industry with a female population of 21.3% and many of those women serving in key project roles; including, superintendents, project managers, carpenters, controllers, office managers, estimators, project coordinators, and roles in business development. It isn’t about gender or race; instead, it’s about the quality one is able to perform, their attitude toward professional growth, and their ability to establish strong relationships with clients.