Janna Fryer

Thirty days. That’s all it took for Janna Fryer to know that she was in the wrong place and needed to rethink things.

Janna first started working at i2 in 2013 as a project coordinator. She loved her job and adored the people she worked with. But, somehow in late 2018, she was convinced by an acquaintance at another company to come work for them. There were promises made and a pretty picture of her future at the company was painted for her. But, within days, Janna was miserable. Nothing felt right. The worst of it all was that she didn’t feel empowered or supported; she didn’t feel like she could ask questions and there was no one there to mentor her. It was like being on an island all by herself.

Her need to reset was confirmed when she called Nate to ask if she could boomerang back to the i2 family. His response, a simple “We want you back!!” made her deeply grateful. And, so only 30 days later, Janna returned to i2, this time with more responsibilities and more time on job sites.

“This company is more like a family. Everyone knows a lot about each other, knows about our families and our lives. We’re all close friends. There is nothing impersonal about i2. I’ve worked in places where it’s just ‘put your head down and do your work.’ It’s not like that here. People want to teach you and take you under their wing. There are no closed doors so that makes for an environment where there are no secrets, everyone can learn from each other, and it’s collaborative. It’s really everyone’s company.”

“I am at i2 because the compassion and generosity of the leadership bring tears to my eyes. We celebrate together, succeed together and support each other.”