Jesse Arvizo

Jesse Arvizo, one of our top superintendents, is one of those unique employees who was first a client. From the very beginning, that first time he worked with the i2 team in the field when he was a subcontractor on a project, he felt a connection. He watched how the i2 crew worked together, how they supported each other, and how devoted they were to the client and the project at hand. So, when after 12 years at his former company his career trajectory ran its course, he decided to make a move. A move to i2.

His call to test the waters was met with great enthusiasm and Jesse joined the i2 team almost immediately. He came on as a superintendent and was given all the training and support he needed to excel in his new position, a position that he not only enjoyed, but one that had a long-term future.

For over five years Jesse worked at i2, thriving and contributing to the company’s and our clients’ successes. But, as sometimes happens, he was briefly lured away to another company. However, it didn’t take him long to realize that he had made a mistake; the rose colored glasses, he remembers, were off and he could see clearly for the first time. In less than a year, Jesse was getting ready to make a similar phone call to the one he had made years before. As luck would have it, it was his phone that rang. I2 was on the line, wondering if he’d like to “boomerang” back. He didn’t hesitate, and, once again, he was welcomed with open arms.

The lesson he learned, he says now with the benefit of hindsight, is that “sometimes the grass isn’t always greener. Sometimes where you ARE is greener. I2 makes things greener.” For Jesse, it’s i2’s leadership, the processes in place, the deep and genuine relationships with our clients, and the team that make all the difference.

Three words: Home. Happiness. “Framily” (his word to describe the mix of friends and family he feels at i2).