Mike Thacker

For Mike Thacker, it isn’t about the money. He left i2 Construction in 2018 after more than 12 years serving as one of the company’s superintendents. He was lured away by an offer and a promise of “bigger and better” opportunities and even a boost to his paycheck. But, the reality for Mike was quite different. So, after just over a year away, he put the word out to his friends at i2 and within days he was back at the place he called home. No amount of money, it turns out, can replace a true fit when it comes to loving what you do and the team you work with.

In the months Mike was gone, he realized that he missed the family-oriented culture at i2; he missed the atmosphere of trust and empowerment. He also learned a lot about himself. One of the most important lessons was that it is your work family – the people you spend a large portion of your day with – that truly make the difference.

“You can’t let your job run your life. If you have a job where you’re happy and the stress is minimal, you’re going to do a better job and enjoy coming to work. At i2, it’s all about balance, and that creates a team and leadership that is working together because we are dedicated, WANT to do the work we do, and because we LIKE the work we do.”


“I am at i2 because the leadership lives by example, they believe in the employees and invest in them.”