How An Office Redesign Can Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

What does your corporate culture look like? Whether you have an explicit set of values, a mission and vision statement or there is implicit agreement on office attitudes, behaviors and values, your culture is extremely important and should be reflected in any new office designs in Denver, CO.

In order to create an office space which can reinforce your culture, you need to know what it is. Get feedback from employees on how they work throughout the day and how they feel about the company. Once you’ve got a feel for the true culture, you can design to it.

When clients walk through the door of culturally reinforced office designs in Denver, CO, they’ll immediately get the feel of your business’ personality, which will lead to increased confidence in the principles and values that your business stands behind.

Let’s take a look at specific design choices which may help reinforce your corporate culture. Give us a call if we can help in any way.

More Natural Lighting = Less StressKSL Capital Partners

Depending on your corporate culture, natural lighting may be the better way to go. For more creative pursuits or innovative firms, natural lighting increases quality of life. Exposure to natural light has been shown to help people sleep better at night, increase the likelihood of exercise and reduce drowsiness and headaches. If a person is seated more than 25 feet away from a window, artificial light is absolutely necessary, and may be even closer to the window depending on its size and exposure to the sun.

Mix Of Workspaces Allows Flexibility

Does your culture value efficiency and flexibility? Then a mix of different workspace types may be perfect to accentuate these values.

Providing employees with workspaces which are conducive to their specific tasks help support employee engagement, whether these are individual cubicles for privacy or desk stations in a more open environment for quick team collaboration.

Either way, a social area should be provided for quick meetings or brainstorming sessions away from their desks, but not part of the lunchroom/cafeteria. A change of scenery can help employees relax and refocus. Open layout design also encourages fast and flexible work styles for quick changes between individual and group work.

Add Corporate Colors With A Light Touch

Another big piece of office designs is your colors and design elements. Adding a touch of color to certain places can keep employees minds “in the zone” of the corporate culture as well. Using colors as accents for chairs, in ceiling or wall designs or even splashing the logo in certain strategic places can all help keep the company and its customers top of mind.

To have a great conversation about your office designs in Denver, CO, get in touch today!