Start A Career With i2


It’s not just a slogan around here: i2 was named as one of The 50 Best Places to Work in 2020 by Outside Magazine, and we’re hiring multiple positions, including:  

  • Estimating Coordinator 
  • Preconstruction Manager 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Project Manager 
  • Self-Performance Lead 
  • Project Superintendent 

Why work at i2? We understand you’ve got a job at work and a job at home- both are important, and we respect that. We want you to have quality of life whether you are at the office, in the field, or at home. At i2, we pay you what you’re worth, trust you to get the job done, and provide the support you need to be successful. i2’s got a team mentality, and even as we grow, our family-like atmosphere remains the heart of our success. Our employees are the best testament to why working at i2 could be your next great career move. 

Gary McConnell, a superintendent with decades of experience, joined i2 in 2021, “i2 fosters a culture of inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and is constantly looking for ideas to raise the i2 bar that already exists as an industry standard. I feel a part of a “corporate family” that is rarely seen these days. i2 offers the same services, materials, and workforce that any other GC can offer. What separates us from the competition is the processes that we have that ensure the end-user the best possible construction experience from Pre-Con to hand-off. The clients truly feel that we have their best interests in mind, not just their checkbooks. Our culture of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation is palpable and extends to the client at all levels of engagement, from the broom to the boardroom.”  

Gary also says, “I embrace the balance of opposites that i2 affords us. We are granted significant autonomy regarding our day-to-day activities and job site supervision decisions. However, when needed, i2 fosters an environment of collaboration and teamwork at all levels when you seek guidance, advice, or training.”  

Sheila Gilman, a Project Coordinator, agrees that i2 offers a great blend of trusting its employees but providing assistance when it’s needed, “I feel supported, with a defined role and direction for both my responsibilities and continued growth personal and professional.  Many companies grow, add employees, and never touch base with them again until there’s an issue.  The One-on-One meetings are critical to feeling grounded and supported. They provide an opportunity to hear constructive criticism and praise early on.  They also provide a platform to be heard, whether it’s an idea or conflict, personal or professional.  You are not just a warm body at i2. “ 

Scott Duckworth, a recently hired Senior Project Manager, is also impressed with how well i2 operates, “I think it is the support of the team around me to pursue the ground-up opportunities and the collaborative effort of the team members that make it successful.  The forward-thinking and planning of the team means we don’t have a fire drill at the end.”

Interested in seeing if i2’s a good fit for you? Whether you see a job listed or not, give us a call at 303.574.1118. Some positions can also be found on our LinkedIn page.