The Impact of Chipping in for Charities Golf Tournament

A huge thank you to the i2 team, sponsors, and golfers who participated in our 5th Annual Chipping in for Charities Golf Tournament, without the support, this event would not be possible every year.

On Wednesday October 12th, i2 had the privilege of presenting a $50,000 donation to the Warrior Bonfire Program. i2’s VP of Operations & Partner, Nathan Kugler, said “it is amazing to see everyone come together and support a charity like the Warrior Bonfire Program. Our Purple Heart recipients have already given so much to us, so it is an honor to be able to give something back to them.”

Warrior Bonfire Program’s mission is to foster healing, build support communities, and transform lives of Purple Heart recipients. The program provides opportunities to improve the lives of the enemy combat-wounded veterans on their lifelong journey of recovery and healing. Since 2020, Warrior Bonfire Program has been able to provide 767 therapeutic opportunities. These opportunities have been held in 22 US states. The program now also provides retreats for not only the Purple Heart recipients, but also spouses retreats and couples’ retreats.

The program’s President, Mike Foss, thanked everyone who attended the event by saying “the Warrior Bonfire Program is ecstatic from the donation received from i2 Construction raised through its charity golf tournament. This extraordinary gift will help us provide opportunities for 50 Combat Wounded veterans, Purple Hearts, to heal, improve their lives and build support communities. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

i2 has now raised $198,000 for five charities, including Kempe Foundation, Brain Matters, the Dirt Coffee Bar, and Family Homestead. i2 plans to host its 6th annual tournament next year and the charity will be announced in early 2023.