William Pearson

William Pearson has worked for a few of companies throughout his career. From restaurants & retail to commercial builders, his skills as a keenly focused superintendent and project manager have served him well.

In 2007, William came to work for i2. He immediately knew that it was a company he would be happy working for because of its productive blend of high-level experience and small town, family approach. He worked as a project superintendent, and even though he was often out in the field, he always felt like an integral part of the team back at the office. He felt taken care of and supported. Never was this better illustrated than in 2008-2009 during the economic downturn when many companies were laying people off. i2, he remembers, rode the wave and didn’t cut employees. Instead, leadership made it very clear that the team would weather the storm together and that everyone would still have their jobs.

Even though William never forgot that deep level of commitment, in 2012, a former employer reached out to him with an opportunity for a specific PM role that he had yet to try. It was a chance to do something different. He took the job for the experience and growth, but in the back of his mind, he somehow knew that one day he would return to i2. And in fact, in the end, it turned out that it wasn’t a great experience.

“Being away, even for only a short time, opened my eyes. I have never seen a company that takes care of the employees and their families better than i2,” William says. “The difference is that the culture is from the top down, there is no disconnect. We are all involved and all invested. That’s the commitment i2 makes to its people, and that’s the commitment they make to i2.”

Just over a year later in 2013, William decided to return to i2. The grass, as it turned out, was NOT greener.

“i2 really has it down. They make the people the focus. It’s not about the projects, the titles, or the money. It goes way beyond a business model. It’s a human relationship model. It’s a brotherhood and a family. After I left, this all became so apparent! I only lasted one year away from i2. I jumped right back because this kind of culture is so rare. It’s not the work, it’s the people.”

“I am at i2 because when family life and work life become one, it’s great.”